Golden Gate ASHI

Golden Gate ASHI

You can find the most experienced home inspection professionals who serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area in the Golden Gate Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Members are committed to providing buyers, owners, sellers, property managers, and real-estate investors with comprehensive and unbiased reporting on the condition of single-family and multi-family homes, apartment buildings, and commercial structures.

Golden Gate ASHI is a non-profit organization. Chapter members work collectively to establish high professional standards and provide continuing education, outreach, and contact information to one another and those interested in the inspection profession.

If you need a home inspection or are interested in the home inspection profession, please click on Find a Bay Area Inspector to help you find and contact members of ASHI in your area.


Is your home safe for the next Big One? GGASHI members Thor Matteson and Paul Rude created this guide to help you make that determination.

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Pressure Treated Lumber

New formulations in pressure treated wood have been found to cause accelerated corrosion in construction hardware, including the nails thatĀ hold our buildings together. GGASHI Affiliate Member, Thor Matteson S.E., has prepared this document to help us with this concern.

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Water Heater Strapping

Is your water heater properly strapped? GGASHI members Brian Cogley and Paul Rude created this video to help you.